Benjamin Stewart

Between My faith,My family and 30 years of Executive roles and coaching,My passion is shared by Ronald Reagan”Theres no limit to what you can do if you dont care who gets the credit”.Lets make this your best season

                 what is pinnicle?

people first

We realize that having the right people in the right seats is the number one goal of any successful business.

purpose driven

People need a unifying vision, a top of the mountain, a summit to strive towards. Writing the vision, making it plain, and strategizing around it gives the “People First”…purpose.

playbook devolopment

Right People going the right direction need to know HOW we are going to get there. Playbooks create repeatable, measurable, and learning experiences for the company to streamline and enjoy success.

performance indicaters

Turn Key Performance Indicators into Kept Promise Indicators. We believe in ownership of the roles each person brings to the company and keeping high accountability. These are markers to set high, work hard and then celebrate.


When we have the right people (People First), going the right direction (Purpose Driven), doing the right things (Playbook Development), keeping the right measurements (performance Indicators) we create two things; profit and fun. Let’s bring the fun back into business and ownership!

The journey


1 + 6 =

Baseline assesment


1 is weak 5 is strong

9 + 7 =

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